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The World Will Know

Blood Drips Heavely On Newsies Square: the spoof

Newsies: the musical
Blood Drips Heavely On Newsies Square: the spoof
Are You Obsessed With Newsies?

I personally have not seen Blood Drips Heavely On Newsies Square. My parents won't let me. :'(  So,........ I got permission from the girl that runs Newsies Lovers, ta post a link to her Blood Drips pages.)

This is link is to her page entitled The Spoof.

The Spoof

If you have anything that you'd like to add about BDHONS, wether you just want to say how mush you like it, something that happens, plot, quote, image, what ever... Just post it in the "comment box" and I'll add it as soon as possible.

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Here is the page with her BDHONS pictures.

Blood Drips Pictures

Thanks a ton ta Chrissy, webmisstres of Newsies Lovers! Without her, this site probaly wouldn't exist!