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The World Will Know

Are You Obsessed With Newsies?

Newsies: the musical
Blood Drips Heavely On Newsies Square: the spoof
Are You Obsessed With Newsies?

Are You Obssessed With Newsies? Read On Ta Find Out!

1: You do Newsie jumps wherever you go.
2: You talk in a New York accent both by accident & on purpose.
3. You sing Newsies songs all the time, any where.
4. You dance to the songs all the time, any where.
5. Most of your friends don't tlk to you because all you talk about is Newsies.
6. All your other friends are "Newsies friends". (People from the NML, Newsies Fourms, other websites, etc.)
7. When you finally found a Newsie hat in a store, you scared all the other customers (and some of the clerks) out by screaming and running around the store looking for your mom yelling, "Mom! A Newsie Hat! I found a Newsie hat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
8. Your Newsies DVD never leaves your laptop (except when you covince people at parties to watch it).
9. You ripped all the songs off of your Newsies soundtrack onto your laptop (or ipod or mp3).
10. Your soundtrack never leaves your CD player.
11. You couldn't wait the three days that the music store said it would take for your Newsies soundtrack to come in. So, you got your dad's old tape recorder and copied it onto tape.
12. You copied the whole movie onto a tape(audio) so that when on trips you could still listen to the movie.
13. You get mad at your mom when she tells you to take off your Newsie hat at the table.
14. You pain stakenly aquired a New York accent.
15. You dress up as a Newsie (in public) at least three times a month.  
16. People immedeatly know of your obssession with in ten minutes of meeting you.

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