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The World Will Know

Newsies: the musical
Blood Drips Heavely On Newsies Square: the spoof
Are You Obsessed With Newsies?

Welcome all Newsies Obssessers! I am still working on this site so please, be patient!

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November 6, 2006
I am terribly sorry for the sickingly sick lack of apdates lately! And like all people, I have my excuses. So let's see.... where to start..... The forst quarter of school is drawing to an end, my birthday was on the first, my Grandma (who is one of my best friends) was in the hospital, I had a fiddle contest that I was practiceing like crazy for, and I am now officaly addicted to RPing and have been spending almost every wakeing moment that I'm allowed RPing with a certain person and every other wakeing and sleeping moment thinking about it. I'm really sorry that that kept me from updateing.
I also have a horrible feeling that that was a run-on sentence. I have fixed the little problems that were going on on here and have ideas for new pages and add ons to pages. But, before I go, I have a few matters to discuss with you........
FAN ART- Just as it says, this is about fan art. I am going to open a fan art page and that means that if you have any drawings, paintings, icons, computer graphics, of pictures of Newsies realated things that you have made, please send them to me ( I will add the graphic to the page, with full credit of of course, and post it here. That can also include pictures that you have drawen or made of a character that you used in a FanFic.
OCTOBER CONTEST- Thanks ta all the people that entered! I am in the process of judging the entries now. So the results and November's contest should be up by the end of this week.
GUEST BOOK- *falls to knees and clasps hands* Please sign the guest book! *points up* It's right up there so PLEASE take the time ta sig it. THANKS!
Thankyou for bearing with me!
CTB! and God Bless,

October 25, 2006
I added a new page onto "videos" the new page is "Newsies Music Videos". I would do more, but I have a fiddle lesson that I have ta get to.....

Oct. 24 Part 2
Ok, I fixed the backgrounds and added the "Contact Me" info. to the page "Kid Snitch" because I thought that a page with three lines on it was kind of usless....
I'll be updateing yet again later, probally adding on to the videos, noise, and adding comment boxs to a few things. Unfortunatley, I have an English test that includes two essays to take right now...... :P

October 24, 2006
I have just relized that something happend that made all of my backgrounds on here disapear, so I'll try to fix that. I added a new page, VIDEOS, whick at the moment only has Garie Damon and Newsies (the songs/ daces) on it. But more will be added soon. Also, the contest has been extended ten days since I only recieved three entries. So please, enter, you have untill the strike of midnight Halloween to enter. MUAHAHAHAHA! ok, sorry. More will probally be added later today so keep your eyes peeled (no, not literaly. Keep them open)!


October 21, 2006
YAY! TADAY IS SNITCH/DEE'S 31ST BIRTHDAY!!! And me birthday party!!! So, Dewitt Talmadge Caspary was born on October 21, 1975. I have ta go now, make him a birthday cake!

October 20, 2006
I'm changeing the number from 200 to 210 for the number of viewers. I, accidentaly was the 200th viewer. =) Also, just a word of warning, the contest ends tomarrow.
CTB! Snitch

October 19, 2006
No site updates but e-mail me if you are the 200th person to visit this site or the 20th person to sign the guest book and I will make ya a banner. Also, The Prestige with Christain Bale comes out tomarrow. I've gotta go ta bed now. CTB! Snitch

October 18, 2006
Ok, I changed the layout of the home page a wee bit, mainly moving the guest book ta the top of this page. Thankyou to the five people who have signed it so far! ;) If you havn't, please do. I don't really have anything else ta add except gor I recived an e-mail from Gabriel Damon today.
CTB- Snitch


October something, 2006
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWIFTY THE RAKE!!!!!!!! It's Kevin Stea's birthday taday! Okie dokie, site updates, I havn't added anythin, but I'm workin' on a new page, so keep yer eyes open! I also added two new links, Corner o' 54th and 102 and Newsies Junkie. I also cleaned up the site a bit.  CTB- K. Snitch (I also just rememberd that todays the 17th :) )

October 15, 2006
So, I didn't get much done today because I has a fiddle contest (I got 2nd place!). So, once again I ask you to please be patient as I work on completeing this site.
CTB, Kid Snitch

October 14, 2006
So, today was the first official day of  The World Will Know! Please! Sign the guestbook. I almost have a new page ta add on. I can't do much now because I have to go practice for the Fiddle Contest tomorrow. Wish me luck!
CTB! ~ Kid Snitch 

October 13, 2006
Welcome to my newly created The World Will Know website. It is not complete, but it's complete enough ta publish so please, be patient. Please Sign my guest book (Lodging House Sign Ins)while your here. Feel free ta look around and if ya have any suggestions or comments please e-mail ( 'em ta me.
-Kid Snitch

If you do not like the movie Newsies, then leave. This is not the place for you and you are not wanted here. If you are a fan of Newsies then welcome and come right in!

Thanks a ton ta Chrissy, webmisstres of Newsies Lovers! Without her, this site probaly wouldn't exist!